A Good Lunch.

Tomatoes are in season, and there is not much better than a tomato with mayo sandwich. That is simply the best. I don’t toast the bread. I am off bread, so I can’t have a sandwich. Tomatoes don’t have that many calories. I believe two slices, with a hamburger are wonderful. I eat the hamburger without bread, but I spread ketchup on the meat, then mayo, and crushed, sweet pickles. Yum.

I am off sweets, so I eat fruit. I had peaches this morning. I usually have a small bowl of blueberries with “No sugar.”

Grilled cheese sandwiches are what my family love. We bought a big bag of cheese at the store yesterday. The last big bag lasted 2 and a half months. We sprinkle cheese on the bread after I have melted butter and put one piece of bread down on the pan. Then I put another piece of bread on top of the cheese. I flip the sandwich over, to brown both sides. Talk about yummy. I am off bread, so I can only have melted cheese on the hamburger.

A salad is always good, and it can go with a grilled cheese sandwich, or a hamburger fried in your skillet. The salad should be the, “Spring Mix” lettuce, and put pecan pieces, and strawberries in it. Remove the caps from the strawberries, and rinse the fruit well. Whole strawberries can be cut by the one eating the salad, or the one who is making the salad. This is a simple but delicious salad. Buy the special dressings near the wall.

” Marie’s salad Dressing” is good.



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