A Good Breakfast.

I would like to talk about a good, breakfast. What would it be like? This one should be good for you. Two fried eggs, buttered toast with grape jam, cantaloupe, and hot tea, and water. The fried eggs are fried in real butter.

How about this one? A medium-sized bowl of oatmeal, with blueberries, and ,”no sugar” n top, or a bowl of Cheerios, or Raisin Bran with skim milk. The Cheerios would have banana slices with raisins on top. I believe that would be a hearty bowl of Cheerios.

I didn’t mention pancakes, or waffles. They are good, but I am off sweets, and bread until September 5. If there has been no change in my weight, I will continue another 21 days. If there has been weight loss, then I might continue. I must get this extra weight off.


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