We Can’t See Him Now, but We Will!

The Bible says that every eye will see Him. This is when He comes again. I believe it will be just in time. In heaven we will see him. Many people have seen him who have gone on to Glory. Jesus is on the throne, and we go immediately to be with Him when we die.

We can’t see the Lord now, but we will! This is why we try to live for Him daily. Our righteousness is as filthy rags, but we have His righteousness. We wear it. I believe the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sins. We can’t see Him now, but we will. Our sins are forgiven when we ask forgiveness.

I look forward to meeting Jesus Christ. I believe He is alive, well, and that He prays for you and me. I pray that God will encourage you today. May His light be in you, and may we be lights in the dark world.


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