Preparation for Worship.

Part of worship is hearing the sermon that your pastor, or someone has prayed over, and found by waiting on the Lord. I believe everyone can be prepared to worship the Lord. The task is not hard. You get ready to lift your hands in praise to God Almighty. Heaven is full of the praises of God’s people. Worship should reach the Throne room where God is. I believe we must make our hearts ready.

How? Bow your head and confess your sins. Tell God what has kept you from walking closely with him. It may be a television program that seemed innocent, but it is in the way of fellowship with God. Give Him your eyes, ears, mouth, and tongue. Ask God to direct you in getting ready for true worship. Then pray for those who are leading worship.

Some people fast because they know they need to break strongholds over them.  It is a good thing to fast humbly before your God. People don’t have to know. It is your preparation time for praying for the future and the your involvement with people. Take time to study, pray, and draw close. Some of this may be to repent of former times when you know you didn’t walk closely with Him. God is the one who forgives. Ask Him if there is something in the way between you and Him. He will be very honest if you will allow Him to be.


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