I Haven’t Had Lunch.

I feel I might need something before going to the chiropractor. I am not sure what to eat, and I don’t think I want much until this is over. I go this afternoon about my neck. Ed didn’t assure me that the chiropractor will do all and make the neck just right. It may take time to heal with his working on it. At any rate, I am getting a good shove in the right direction. Praying helps. Smile. I will give it to God. I don’t feel like fighting the doctor. I will do what he says. I have been to him, but it was years ago.

What is a good lunch? Grilled cheese sandwiches, but I am off bread. A peach is wonderful but I am out of them. A bowl of cereal is good, but I don’t have time. I will wait until I have had my treatment.


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