A Good Movie.

What makes a wonderful movie? A good movie has a purpose and a theme that runs through it. The pace of the movie keeps your attention, and it is not dull, and boring. I figure some of the movies are for those who are pursuing their intellect. Some movies just don’t move with the flow.

Remember the “I love Lucy ” shows? She could make people laugh with her, and she was always in trouble, and then out of it. I believe the lady was a genius in her time. I can still cackle when I see her shows.

I need movies that are funny, and witty, with some light suspense. I need them to be fast paced, and the music doesn’t need to be boring. I believe some of the present movies are filthy with sex here, and there. Some of us want good, wholesome movies that make us laugh. Too much sex in the movie is not what I want to see. I love to see couple acting together, but give us a break from the pure, smut.


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