I am Reading through Genesis.

I read on in Genesis until I could read no more. I got as far as Abraham, and Sarah who was taken to the King’s palace. Abraham was saying she was his sister. They were married, but Abraham wasn’t saying, “She is my wife.” Frankly they had the same Father, but different mothers.

Sarah was beautiful. The king hadn’t spent time with her, but he was going to until God revealed himself to the King. God told the King who Abraham was, and that Sarah was Abraham’s wife. The next morning the King called Abraham into His conference room.

“Why did you deceive me!   Sarah is your wife!” the King announced to Abraham. This is no time to pity Abraham.

Could this be why they had no children yet? Sarah didn’t trust Abraham after this if she had any sense. He gave her to a foreign king, and didn’t talk to her about it. I believe God had the answer.

God told the king, “The man is a prophet. Give his wife back to him, and he will pray for you to be healed. ” The king did, and he was restored. So was Sarah to Abraham.

When you are going along and trip up, God hears your cries of repentance, and He will help you out of difficult situations. You do reap what you sow. Abraham didn’t deceive another king!


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