The Benefits of Eating. 3

I have been trying to lose weight. When I stick with the plan, and leave sweets out, it makes a difference. I am slowly losing more weight than I have. Mine is stubborn, but I wait it out. The benefits of eating three meals a day is that you have enough protein to keep you up, and moving around. I have more energy because the sweets are gone for now. I cleaned house, and fixed a meal with no complaints, but now I am tired after washing the dishes, and clearing the table.

I cooked this meal. We had baked potatoes, hamburgers, and salad. The salad had nuts, and strawberries in it this time. Simple but good. We didn’t have that many strawberries. I am likely to eat them when they are being sold in the stores. I love peaches. I usually eat more of them in August than in July. Peaches are a favorite, skin and all. Ours are small.

The benefits of eating are that you are full, and not hungry for 4 more hours. Meat doesn’t have to be much, but it does provide energy. Leave the sweets out, and fix a better meal. Include a salad, because greens are good for you. You can add one thing, and then have a nice dressing that everyone will like. We happened to have strawberries today. They work fine in a salad. Today’s salad was from a bag, and it wasn’t iceberg lettuce. I like all kinds of lettuce.

Eating food that isn’t sweet will ensure that you have energy. I take two vitamins daily when I remember them. I didn’t today, and I still have energy. If you don’t like vitamins, then get the chewy ones for adults. They are tasty, and chewy.  It is better to take them than to go without. Chewed up, they are wonderful. I love the flavor, and they may be a tad sweet.

Fruit, and vegetables are important in your diet. Fruit has sweet in it. You can eat other things besides green beans if you don’t like them. Potatoes, corn, spinach, salad with fruit and nuts only, sweet potatoes, and fried okra are all what I like. Fried okra is wonderful when it is fresh. I am leaving off the okra presently because of my diet. I have gained, and I must be disciplined about getting this off.

Do you know how to make apple salad? Cut the apple in half, and then in half again. Then cut each piece that you made. Cut two, or three apples this way, and  peal them if you like first.  After the apples are cut up, set them aside. Add raisins, 1/4 cup of sugar, and  Cool Whip, or a 7 minute whipped topping.  You will fold the apples cool whip. Don’t add anything else. It is like a dessert . The apples, and nuts, and marshmallows make this a wonderful apple, salad. Add as many as you want. 1 cup of each is fine. I get the tiny marshmallows, and the nuts can be pecans. You can add grapes if you like. This is the kind of salad that works with the apples nuts, and one or two fruits. It isn’t the salad as much as the fluff that makes this one delicious.


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