Potato Soup?

Did you make mashed potatoes, and they didn’t get eaten? You can use them in this soup. Cut three potatoes into cubes, and make sure the pealing is gone. Add them to boiling water, and cook until tender. This will take a few minutes. If you have three, and one is a young adult, you might need to add another two potatoes. Once they are soft, continue to cook, and add 2 cups of milk, and 2 Tablespoons of flour to thicken. If you stir the flour into the milk, it will make a paste that will thicken the liquid faster. Add spices, especially herb spice, salt, and pepper. Serve this with grilled cheese sandwiches. Voila! You have a meal that is filling, and that doesn’t cost way over your budget. You may have your own way of making the sandwiches. Some use a grill, and others fix them on top of the stove in their favorite skillet. The latter is what I do.


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