More On The Benefits of Eating Right.

I have more energy when I am not eating sweets. This has been tried and tested, and I get tired easily when I am consuming sweets. There are some foods that turn to sugar. Mashed potatoes are a favorite, and I will give them up eventually. They turn to sugar. I can eat sweet potatoes, and they lend to brown sugar, butter, and coconut on them. I don’t eat sweets, so take the sugar, and coconut off for me.

If you mash the sweet potatoes, and add  brown sugar, coconut, and nuts as a topping, you have a wonderful sweet batch of sweet potatoes. Some people put a little bit of orange juice in their potatoes to add flavor. It helps. You mash the potatoes, add butter, and two eggs, brown sugar, and mix this together and pour it into a casserole dish. Then add pecans, more brown sugar, and butter on top with coconut mixed into this. Just do this and see how good this dish is. It is sweet potatoes at their fanciest. I did this one time at the church. The people who came loved it, but some didn’t know they were eating sweet potatoes. You can add sugar to taste.  Have you noticed that I tell the ingredients, but not how much. You have to taste it to see if it is just right for you.


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