Have You Had Cubed Steak?

I know it is summer time, but this is a meal for the rainy days in the summer. When it is a little cooler, you can fix this.

Cubed Steak means that you buy cubed steaks, and then add flour to them. Add spices in with the flour, or after. Put them in a frying pan with Crisco, and let them brown on medium until they are done on both sides. Then in your big pan where you have been frying the cubed steaks, drain the grease off, and leave the nibble things that were on the meat. Add water, and several tablespoons of flour to thicken. This makes a gravy in minutes. Put the  fried, cubed steak back in the gravy, and serve with hot mashed potatoes.

This is all you need for this meal. It is wonderful, because the cubed steak cooks long enough in the liquid to become very tender. They were tendered in a machine at the store. So they have to be tender. I don’t go cheap on buying these. I get them at the price they are, and cut them if they are too big for one person to consume. You might have 12 pieces of meat in the liquid if you cut the meat. I make sure there is plenty of liquid. It works. Everyone loves this with the hot mashed potatoes, that are made from scratch. I add some milk at times. It makes the gravy richer.


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