I Miss Bubba.

My big cat that died was named Bubba. He would follow me all over the house. When I did sit down, he would hug me, and lay in my lap. I believe Bubba is the only pet that has done this. He was a big cat, and bossy to the others. He was their leader. Now he has been gone two summers. I have enough cats. They are all strays, and beautiful. We wait for them to want food. They are peaceful, and they leave us alone unless they are hungry. Cats, and dogs love to sleep. My cats sleep more than anything.


3 thoughts on “I Miss Bubba.

  1. Aw, Ruby, this caught my eye because I have a cat called Bubba too! He is big and friendly and loves people, just like your Bubba! I understand how it is to miss a cat, they have a way of climbing into our hearts over time and when they are gone it leaves a hole. We really thought we’d lost our Bubba forever, when he got out and was missing for 12 days, recently, but we found him again and he is snuggled next to me as I write, none the worse for his experience (though 5 lbs lighter!) Your Bubba looks like he must have been a very contented kitty! 🙂

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