We Had the last of 4 Yard Sales today.

We waited as people came in the building to look at the goods we had on the tables around the room. Our director worked many hours on this sale, so when people tried to break the price, she stood firm. I believe she deserved to see the price remain the same, and for the item to sell. I almost said this to some of the customers.

I have decided to help our director next time she puts things out for the yard sale. I can help. I can think, but mostly I can help.


4 thoughts on “We Had the last of 4 Yard Sales today.

  1. Yard sales are about bargains. If the price isn’t dropped it isn’t a bargain. That’s how most folks who go to yard sales feel. She should raise the price and then drop it down to what she wants if she’s not going to bend a little. This isn’t a store, and you didn’t have to buy the items, so you have nothing invested except your time.
    We had a very nice hammer for sale in the store. It was expensive, and no one bought it. So we bought 10 cheaper hammers that didn’t cost that much and put them with the expensive hammer. ALL the cheaper hammers sold because people work hard for their money and want a bargain.

    She lost you money by being stubborn! Everyone wants a bargain. That’s the fun of yard sales–bargaining over the price. I have a friend who won’t buy at the price listed. Drop it Ten Cents, and she’ll buy! It’s the yard sale principle at work! I don’t know how you are going to change this woman’s mind, but I hope you do. You are losing money. She’s holding out for 1 hammer when she could sell 10!

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    1. She has worked hard with the sale. Her wares are organized and clean. We didn’t make much but we are glad for the money that was made. I guess if she came down, she would sell. Then we wouldn’t make anything. We didn’t have many tools. We had many clothes, and glassware. Sales were down for a reason.


      1. There were several times when the buyer picked the price. Then if it was too low, she differed until they came to a fair price. I believe this woman could run standard oil. She is highly organized, and we couldn’t figure why the sales didn’t happen. Elections were coming up, so we can’t blame it on that. I believe we made what we could. Sitting and receiving money for 7 hours is a long day for those who help. Then Ed studied after that and didn’t come home til late. We didn’t have a hearty attendance, but we had the rows of chairs back in order. Yard sales will be coming this Fall.


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