We Have a Little Bit of Cake Left.

None of us are eating the little bit of cake we have left. I can’t eat it. I am off sweets now. I ate them last night when we celebrated Isaac’s birthday. We started Wednesday night, and finished the celebrating last night with supper out. We had no coupons, but we found our way to a steak house. Ed had Salmon, Isaac had stake, and I had chicken. I couldn’t eat all my chicken, so Isaac finished mine. There were two pieces. One I hadn’t touched.

I believe we were asleep early. Then the electricity snapped, and our power went out. We called the power company, and the rest of the night for a while, we waited in the dark. We went on to bed early, and so did Isaac. He was the first one up this morning. He was writing when I came to see him. The door was open, light was on, and he was behind his computer writing. We had breakfast with Ed this morning, and the usual fried eggs.

I wanted to have raisin bran, but I fried up two eggs apiece quickly. They were done in minutes, and they didn’t look like they had been in a train wreck. They yielded to the cook this time. The toast pops up 4 pieces at a time. I love this toaster. We weren’t too, sure we would like it, but I get the meal done in less time. I don’t eat toast. This is why cereal would be much more palatable.


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