The Holy Spirit in You.

Christians, you have the Holy Spirit in you, if you have received Christ as your personal Savior, and Lord. The Holy Spirit comes to fill you with the empowerment to live the Christian life, and to stand for Jesus. You can tell those who are Christians by the love of the Lord on them. There may be a glow when you are full of the Holy Spirit. You become full of His Presence through singing to Him, praying, worshiping Him on your knees, or on the floor for a time of deep worship where you talk to Him in humility, and submission.

I believe the Holy Spirit is within us to give us the empowerment to walk with Jesus daily. We read the Word, and it is the Holy Spirit who teaches us the things that we need to know about the passage. Our spiritual ears, and eyes are open when we are full of the Lord. His Presence should bring joy, peace, love, contentment, and gentleness. I believe in soaking in the Lord’s Presence so there will be a difference in my attitudes, and the way I think.

I read the Word daily, because otherwise my son will ask if I have. He sees the changes in me from having spent time with the Lord. I learn to rest in the Lord. I learn to lay the burdens down, and give Him my love. I learn to speak to the Lord from my heart, mind, and spirit.

I believe fellowship with God changes me from apathetic, to excitement about what God will do with us next. It doesn’t matter how small the group. In fact. The sermons are powerful, because Ed has gotten quiet, opened the Word, and searched. I walk with God like he does, and at times I sin, and confess it.. God covers my sins with the blood of Jesus. They are behind His back. For me to live is Christ, and by His grace I will walk with Him and keep on walking with Him all my days. May you have the same goals.


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