How to Have More Energy.

Most people need to be working from a schedule. I get more done when I cut the television off, and work in the silence of the day. I silently put dishes in the dishwasher, mop the kitchen floor, and the den floor. I sweep before I mop so most of the dirt is up. I clean with a paper towel last to see if the floor is really clean. I spot check. If I have really mopped right, the paper towel won’t be dirty.

I make a mental, or written small, list of what needs to be accomplished with this long day I have. I wash the dishes that are not in the dishwasher. I turn the dishwasher on. I find all the dried, clothes. I fold those that go on the shelf, and those that need to be ironed, are lightly touched up. After ironing them, I put them in their perspective rooms.

How do I have this kind of energy? It isn’t easy, and it comes from eating a hearty breakfast every day. Then I eat lunch, and supper. The meals are not loaded with sweets, and fruit. I have tried to stop the sweets, and this is working. I have more energy, and the breads are stopped also.

I make sure I take two chewy vitamins a day. I love this kind of vitamin. I have been through one bottle, and I am on the second. My energy level is higher. Take your prescription daily, and find your way to some kind of exercise besides yard, and house work. My husband mows the lawn for exercise. He mows the front, and the back yards separately. He has done a good job, and he feels leaner.

The last thoughts are to increase your liquid and water intake. I drink water in a fancy glass, and this helps me drink more water. I believe activity, and order are important. Pick up what has been on the floor, and mop when you need to mop. Wash what is dirty. This will keep you busy if you have more than one at home.

I believe business, instead of sleeping is wonderful. I believe house work is hard when you do it right. I believe the exercise from it will help you lose.



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