838 is a Wonderful Number.

Good morning. By my clock is 10:04. I have cooked our usual eggs, and served them with toast. We have a simple breakfast. I have dropped the bacon, and sausage. I don’t need them now. I did get into the homemade custard. I made it with skim milk. My son says that without whole milk, custard is not the same. It is better with whole milk. I agree. I am also trying to lose the pounds I gained from eating whole custard, pies, cakes, and candy. There has been a 5 month period where I ate whatever I wanted. Now I am getting that off.

I have until the 7th to finish this strange diet. Today and yesterday, I ate the baked custard. It did have a scant amount of sugar, but I made 16 little dishes of the custard. I believe the 2 cups of sugar went a long way with half a gallon of milk.


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