The Importance of Your Faith, and Trust.

I believe it is important to establish a beach head of faith, and trust in God. How? Read the Word, speak the Word back to God, and memorize passages that will stay in your spirit forever.

Some of the memorized passages might be Psalm 34, 37, John 3: 16, Galatians 2:20, and Revelation 3:20, Romans 8:28, and 6:28. These are a suggested few. There are also Ephesians passages. There are two prayers, one in chapter one, and one in chapter 3. You should pray these back with earnest hope that you will come to memorize them.

Faith has action to it, and it does grow. At first it might be a speck that you have to use a magnifier to see. Eventually your faith will grow as you use it. Speak to the mountains, and they go, and leave. These are not physical mountains. Some have mountains of debt. As you are consistent in your faith, and in you praying, and reading rise up with faith, and speak to the mountain of debt. Call the money in to pay your bills.

Your faith is in Jesus Christ your Savior, and In you Heavenly Father whom you come to know because of the cross, and what Christ accomplished when he died for us and rose again. He caused us to have access into the Throne Room of God in His name. Trust in the Lord your God, and see the mountains leave in the mighty name of Jesus. I believe the Word in you is powerful. Use it as part of the armor that God has provided for you. The sword is the Word of God. Use it in your praying. Faith grows, but when you use the Word you are using a weapon God gives you. Prayer is another weapon, and when you can have one other person agree with you in your praying, you have two who will put 10,000 to flight.


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