Finish What You Start.

My Dad taught me this, and I do try to finish what I have started. If you make a pie, you want to finish it by baking it in the oven until the pie is leaking with the good sauce around the apples. Mine is pink, and I let it flow some. A pan under the pie catches the pink syrup which tastes wonderful. It is like candy.

So what did I have to finish when I was growing up? We had to make our beds daily. Dad came through when we cleaned the house. He inspected to see if the dust was on the furniture. It wasn’t. We finished the assignments we had to complete. The house was divided by three, and we had a section to clean. Mine was the kitchen one time. That was enough, but I might have had to clean one bathroom.

Mom soon changed me out of the bathroom. I cleaned the tub until it was slick it was so clean. Dutch cleanser, and sliding on the tub made it sparkle. Of course the water bill went up with so much sliding.


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