Daily Reading is Important. Rise Early.

Bake some cookies. Set them aside. When you rise, make a cup of tea, and have a cookie as you read the Bible. This works unless you are on a diet. I believe hot tea is a good thing. It has so many good qualities. I am not English, but I drink at least 3 cups of hot tea daily. We buy the Green tea.

I have found that sugar saps my energy. Today I am still on my quest for 21 days to go off bread, and sugar. I have lost some weight, but then Isaac cooks our dinner meals at times. His food is wonderful. I might gain back what I thought I lost.

I rose from the chair last night, and got on the bench that I purchased for Ed, and Isaac. They don’t use it, but I do. I went for 50 times on it, which was not really 10 minutes. I plan to do more of this. It firms muscles, and at first it might make your weight look higher. In the long run it refines what you want to do with the dieting. My experience ends on the 6th, and I have one friend who has decided to go the rest of the way with me on this diet. I check with her, and she is trying to go off sweets, and bread until the 6th. We go though the whole day, and the 7th is a free day.


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