20 Posts Cause the Stats to Rise.

I have been writing, and writing this summer. I have thought of many things to write about. I am a preacher’s wife, and my father was a pastor for many years. My college major was Education, and I taught in city schools for over twenty years, grades k-12 because one semester I substituted in a small home town setting.

I believe the more I write, the higher the stats go. Then I find Reader, and try to keep up with the new writings there. I love to read, visit other blogs, and at times communicate with others. I love animals, but they are not my major concern. I love horses, but from a distance. I love ball games, and baseball is a favorite. When the movies have a baseball hero, I sit down to watch. As a youngster, I played the competitive games such as baseball, softball, kickball, and Red Rover Come Over. One area my father was pastor had a huge back yard. We invited the kids in the neighborhood to come play games with us. We had several running the bases. I learned after a while to kick the ball, or to hit it with a bat. Life was fun growing up. We didn’t stay in front of the television. We played, shucked corn for Mom, and helped her with the canning.


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