One to Go.

We have one more yard sale to go. We had many things shiny, and ready to gaze at as the people came through the door a little after 8:00 A. M. Our efforts were rewarded. Ed and I weren’t here all last week, working on the yard sale. Our leader had many choices to make. Ed and I came down one night before the sale, and we both worked some on it. Otherwise, it was carried by Rita, who knows that a clean garment, or vessel is gong to sell faster. Everything is sparkling and clean.

I helped with washing some of the glassware. It didn’t take long at all to empty the box of glass dishes that were given to the sale. We use good dish washing soap on them. At home I might use Joy. This was another good brand. The glassware sure does shine when it is clean.

Our sales were not as much, but people made their choices. I bought a fancy cookie jar that I will turn into a bank. It has a clamp on it that holds things inside it. I plan to put my extra change in it. The jar is beautifully painted, and it looks like new.


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