Let Me talk About Eggs.

I used to think that eggs shouldn’t become a regular part of my diet. I am older, and I have been eating two eggs a day for several months. I see the energy difference. We have the energy to move, walk, and go places. I believe sugar is a culprit that robs us of energy. Bread turns to sugar. So I eat my eggs fried in butter, and without toast. I am losing weight, and enjoying the ability to walk without aid most of the time. When I lend to the sweets, then the pokey, walking, and need for the cane happens.

I find that sugar is in everything, and that some foods turn to sugar. I eat vegetables, and try to keep off the sweets, and bread. My diet is until the 6th, and I have lost some. Then the foods became richer, and I gained it back. I love blue berries, but fruit is sweet on its own. I can eat these frozen. This keeps me cool.

Well, these are my thoughts. The one fat is the eggs, but I don’t eat the bread to sop up the yellow. I just eat it. It may sound dull, and it is, but I can lose gradually and make it. Energy, and getting up early are still there.


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