A, long, marriage.

When you are seriously in love with someone, continue to pray about this. Make sure this is the One you plan to live with forever. Seek God’s wisdom, and your Mom, or Dad’s. They can see many things you wouldn’t in your blindness. God looks on the heart of people. As you pray, God will give wisdom.

When you are ready to go through the ceremony, are you ready to yield this as the last time you may marry? I believe the world has its ways, and God has His plan. At times a Christian has to divorce because cruelty, and abuse show up after the wedding. It is hard to divorce so early, but staying with this is not reality.

Be careful. Choose wisely, and give it to God. Seek His face about the person. He will show you clearly who it is you are marrying, if you ask for wisdom.

I have been married 48 years, and through storms, and rough, waters, and peaceful, times. We know it is by God’s mercy that we are still together. We are Christians, in ministry, but marriage has to be worked on, and attitudes play a big part in living together in marriage. It is a covenant between you, and God.  God is merciful, full of love, and kindness. He has qualities that should want.

Ed prays over our home, and property, and both of us on a regular, basis. He tells anything that doesn’t bend the knee to Jesus to leave our home. This way he cleanses our home. The air changes when we sing to the Lord, or when we sit to read the Word. God has brought us to peace. By His grace, we live one, day at a time.

I find that binding self, Satan, and sin helps in talking with anyone. I believe it helps in our marriage. If I don’t, Ed does. We resist the devil, and he flees. There is power in the name of Jesus. Submission is daily.


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