Today is another Sunny Day.

20 % chance of rain is not much. I believe the rain has gone for a little while. I stepped outside on the back patio to see my flowers, and see what Ed, and Butch were seeing. The sky was overcast, and I thought,” I wonder if it could rain after all. ”

I went in to fix our breakfast. It is usually two fried in butter eggs, and toast. I am off bread, so I ate my eggs without toast. Instead of two eggs, I fried up one more for both of us. Today is a longer, day. I need energy to cook the meal.

We are planning pork roast baked in the oven until tender. It takes some time, and I put in vegetables around the roast. Then I make broccoli , and slaw on the side. It will be simple, but good. Potatoes bake with the roast, and so do carrots. I believe this steamed meal will be wonderful if I pray. This works for me. I get Ed to pray, and agree with me about the meal. I usually tell him what we are having. Today he reminded me that a roast has been waiting in the refrigerator. I forgot. Instead of meatloaf, we will have pork roast. Desert will be red, hot,  apple pie, hopefully with ice cream.


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