Somewhere it is after Midnight.

Somewhere it is after midnight. I don’t know why, but at times the new day starts here around 10:00 P. M. My stats have been up all day, and this is encouraging. I love for people to come by to see my work.

Today has been one of those resting days, because tomorrow I work to make supper for our group who meet at the church to sing, and study together. Pray meeting is a time of fellowship in the middle of the week. We have possibilities of having 12-13, or maybe more. I never know. I do know what the menu will be.

We are having pork roast, a whole one. I cut it into, and wrap the two pieces with spices, and oil on them. I wrap them until about time for the meeting. Then I let the roast brown some by taking the wrap off. It is hot, succulent meat if it is cooked right. I try to hold my mouth right during the process. I would have loved to have wrapped the meat, and let the roast ruminate in the refrigerator. We may make it early enough to do this. If the roast is not done, it won’t be tender.

This is the same roast that can be pulled, and barbecue put on it. I believe the timing is important. An hour makes a difference. This is why I put it in for so long. I do pray over all the meal so that I know it has a good chance of turning out right. At times Ed and I will pray over the meeting, and the meal on the way to the church. He teaches the lesson after the meal. Ask me if it is hard to concentrate on the lesson after eating so much. Smile. I do love tender meat.

At home we fixed the same kind of roast into pork chops. Isaac cut them, and then put breading on them. They are boneless because this is a whole pork roast. The pork chops are done in about 45 minutes. I didn’t want to have pork roast  without cooking it the long way. I can serve pork chops another time.


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