I Have Baked Today.

I never thought cooking for the church would last this long. I knew that Michael couldn’t cook there any more. So I took his place, and I have been cooking, and baking since. I make pies like apple, chocolate cream, and custard pie. My apple pies takes an hour to bake. The other two are not as long, although I will say the custard pie can become a coconut custard pie. Those two are special. I use real milk or cream when I can get ahold of it.

I believe the pie shell is important. I get Pillsbury roll out pie shells. My mother in law thought they were as good, or better. Hers were from scratch until she changed to these. I figured if she loved them, I would. I did. I stopped making my own, too.

Well I sampled some cottage cheese to help me get through the wait until lunch. We will shop for a few items and come back to make pork roast, potatoes, and carrots with home-made apple pie.


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