You Never Know.

Isaac is my only son. He is a blessing to both Ed, and me. I believe the Lord blessed us with this one. We waited 13 years to have a son, and we were called Abraham, and Sara when he was born. I determined to call Him Isaac, and Ed named him the middle name. I believe Isaac has much to offer, but in the kitchen he has much talent. He reads recipe books.

Tonight he fixed us supper. I believe God gives us good, things. You never know what influence you can be to someone. A, smile, hug, handshake are fine, but when God shows you someone who will be a constant friend, that is wonderful. You never know what influence you have on others.

Stay in the Word, keep working around the house, or at work, and give God time to talk with you, and be close. You never know who is watching to see if you are real in Your Prayer life. God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but love, power and a sound, mind.

May God make us into women of God with influence. May He make the men into powerful tools that He can speak through. You never know what your influence is on your family. Keep the faith.


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