You Never Know. 2

You never know what God will do with the verses you have read, and studied over. It is there for a reason. Your words are important. Think on the Word, and study, and God will move you to study more. You never know when you will need to pray for someone who is sick, or encourage them because they are depressed. The Word of God is a light to your spiritual being, and it will shine in you and change you first.

I believe the Word is a light, and that it shines on the areas of our life that need to be committed to God. He sees our hearts. He loves us, and wants us to know that those who seek Him diligently will be rewarded with His Presence. Delighting in the Lord gives you joy, and you never know what your influence is on your family until you suddenly stop reading the Word.

My son said, “Mom, have you read the Bible today?”

I said, “NO.”

“Why did you stop?” Isaac said emphatically. He sees the difference in me when I read, study.

Are you having trouble communicating with your family? Read your Bible, and pray, asking God to help you for the day. Spend enough time to make sure you are covered, with the Word. It makes a difference. Instead of being negative, we become cheerful, and more loving. God sees our problems, but He waits for us to come to Him in Jesus name. Wait in His Presence, and see the difference it makes in you.

I find a quiet place, out of traffic where I can study. No one usually goes in that room, so I lay my Bible there to open every day. It works.  21 days won’t make this a habit. You have to fight yourself many times when it comes to reading the Bible. Read, and see how it comforts, and encourages you. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you, Christians. 


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