Walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

I want to say some pointers that will help you, and this won’t take a full load of words. When you receive Christ as your personal Savior, you are accepted in the Beloved. You are His child. Reading the Word of God is daily, because the spiritual person inside of you has wakened. You hunger for God’s Word, and you actually enjoy being around those who are Christians. The new you has been born, because God says when you start walking with Him, it is through accepting His plan of Salvation. The Holy Spirit enters you from head to toe when you commit your life to Christ.

I advise you to find a Bible you can read. Let it be large print. Start with the Book of John and go on through the other books of the New Testament. Read. For those of you who know Him, and are reading, I advise a schedule of reading daily. If you read 15 minutes, read more when you have more time. For those who are busy all day, make the sacrifice to get up earlier, and read for a half hour. Then pray over your day. It takes time, but you will remember that you read when trouble comes at you. You can request it to be gone, because you have confidence in the Lord.

I believe becoming very familiar with the Bible is wonderful. Now take it further, and begin to use those favorite verses in your prayers. In Ephesians 1 and 3 there are two prayers that are powerful. I believe praying these to God is very helpful.

Singing to the Lord is melody before the throne where He sits. I sing hymns, and songs that are just for Him. I make them up, and sing to Him knowing that He enjoys being sung to, and praised.

At times Heaven worships with us in church. I know they do, when we decide to sing instead of criticize, get angry, and become mean. Your family will see the difference.  I believe singing to the Lord is empowering you on the inside to handle your day. We are not often aware of the unseen world. While we praise the Lord, the demons may be fleeing. Singing from your heart to God is getting into praise with your whole heart, and with both feet.  See the difference.


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