My Background in Bible.

Mom and Dad had us reading the Bible before we went on the bus to school. They insisted on doing this every day. Years later I attended one year of Bible school. It was the worst year of my life. I know that I should have gone elsewhere, but that year was one big test.

I went on to another college, and finished with a B. S. degree in teaching. I could now teach K-12. Now the certification is for less grades. I taught 20 years, but I read my Bible daily. Mom wanted us to go to camp when we were children. She challenged us to memorize the 300 verses it would take to go to a fine camp she knew about. It took me a long while, but I finished memorizing in the 5th grade. My teacher could hear my verses, and for the last ones, she made me know them  back and forth.

I attended camp for 10 years after that, and I became a Christian counselor for some of the time. The camps were popular, and I worked hard. This was good training for what I would do after college. The Bible verses that I memorized at the camp were different, so I added those to my knowledge.

I read my Bible daily, and I have listened to my pastor, husband for 48 years, and most of his sermons. This plus my Dad’s sermons have me knowing the Bible . When I read the Bible daily now, I write down key verses in the passages that will help me become encouraged in the Lord. I have saved those journals.

This is my 9th journal that I am finishing this year, and it will have the verses written out, and notes from Ed’s sermons. This is why I have a good command of the Bible. One year at Bible school was enough. I was in the wrong place.

I wish I could have become a teaching Missionary, but that was not God’s choice. I taught 20 years in the in city schools. We read the Bible, and prayed before I left for work. It takes praying, and wisdom from the Word to conduct a class of children. I believe God gave me wisdom, because I took time to ask Him to help me.

I still read daily. It is my choice. I feel that God is there with me, and He always gives me something to write down in the journal. This is my story. I read, and God’s word says that His word will not return void. My Sunday school teachers, and youth teachers put the Bible in their lessons, and we discussed the stories. We learned from many people, and I found myself helping an older, teacher with the Bible lesson when I was a teen.

My background led me to yearn for a closer walk with God. I began trying to read the Bible daily. I believe my husband has an excellent way of describing, and putting forth the Word. I would not have married him if his first sermon for me to hear was boring. He had compassion for the lost, and clarity in His teaching. He also had some humor. I was convinced  that I could marry him, and that I would never be bored with his preaching.

You see my dad spoiled me. I wasn’t bored with his sermons. Ed told stories of his Western childhood, and growing up in a community that was small, home town living. I am never bored. Good sermons require study. Ed does.



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