Mop the Floor with Your Feet.

I have drawn a picture to illustrate, but I must say I don’t remember when I started doing this. It is good exercise, and you have to get used to the possibility of falling in order to get used to this. I mop the floor quickly with my feet. I use a slightly, wet paper towel. It works to put my foot on it and slide it around on the dirty parts that I see. I am in the kitchen with the paper towel under my foot, and I slide it around the sink area. Then I pick up the paper towel, and look at the dirt. Today it wasn’t that dirty. I did this to the floor last night.

It isn’t boring, and it works. I must have developed this habit when I was working for someone who wanted clean floors. Customers would spill things, and I would get a paper towel, and mop it up my way. The floor is clean when I finish, because the paper towel is clean when I stop. I don’t like dirt……..Mop the Floor with your feet.


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