How to Not Waste Your Day.

If you want to accomplish more in one day, then plan your day. You might do this the day before, but make a list of priorities that have to get done. Then number them by importance, and write the list again. Now you can go by this list. I find it very helpful to realize that I can accomplish more if I make a list.

You can make a quick list of groceries to buy. This keeps you on task. I am presently off sugar, and I am doing fine. Fruit has sugar in it, and I eat less of this also. I am actually losing weight now.  I hope to stay on this diet long enough to make a difference.

The secret of a diet is to choose to go without those foods that you eat heartily. I am off sweets, and bread. It is hard to go off these, but I know they make the difference. I feel better when I watch what I eat. It is a good thing to diet with some things. The rest of the food left to eat is a long list. I believe drinking water is essential.



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