Never Go by How You Feel.

Many times I have had a problem with how I feel, and I have wanted at that moment to just stay home. I believe we should never go by what we feel. My son is good with encouraging me to get into my Bible today. Have you read Mom?

He knows that if I will sit down, and read, it will make a big difference in how I am feeling. Otherwise, my feelings are all over the floor. The word says to be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. We put on the armor of the Lord, which goes on the head, down to the feet. Salvation belongs to the Lord. The helmet stands for your Salvation. You belong to Jesus.

We read the Word of God to become strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. It adds water to your thirsty soul. Yes we must hunger after being with the Lord. We must run the race with the Lord, to get to the finish line. Running isn’t easy if we don’t have the Word of God in us. We must walk by faith, not by sight at times.

God speaks through the Bible, the Word of God. I read daily for strength, and encouragement. Don’t go by how you feel. Worship God from head to toe, inside, and out by committing your life to Him in Jesus name. Call on the Lord, and He will deliver you. The circumstances may stay the same, but He is faithful to deliver you from going by how you feel, to knowing Him.

Forgive others, and forgive yourself. Draw a circle and step in it. Tell God you are stepping into His plans for you, and His love. Submit to Him, and give your life to Him completely. The circle will still be there, but you will know that when you have committed to Him, that nothing will take you out of His hand. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don’t lean on what you think. Acknowledge His ways, and He will direct your path. You decide to follow, and to step into the circle you drew. God makes Himself known to you through the Word, and through circumstances that you can’t explain. It had to have been God! I’m sure I wrote this for someone who has gone by how they feel. I hope you will trust in the Lord your God fully.


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