I know this word. It is the word for today, and I know what it is to croon in harmony. I sang alto for years, because I didn’t want to sing through my nose. I felt that my voice was nasal at times. I thought singing lower would help me to harmonize, and to be without the nasal tones.

How young. Harmonizing means more than harmony with musical notes. I sang alto, my little sister took the melody, and my older sister sang base, or alto if I sang tenor. At times I did. We harmonized because we are sisters, and the voices blended.

I believe when a congregation harmonizes, they are singing with more than one melody. Their tones blend, and you can hear them as one. I believe when true harmonizing happens, we listen with delight. Many people can harmonize in quartets, or trios, but the real harmonizing comes when you are in agreement.

The Bible says when two are in agreement, you can put 10,000 to flight.

True harmony is in your mind, body, soul, and spirit when you are singing. I often worship the Lord through song, but I don’t harmonize like I did, unless I step away from the mike, and turn my head. If I hear the harmony, and everyone is singing the same note, I turn from the mike, bow my head, and sing it to God. It might be a higher, note I hear, or a lower, one. The difference is that it is my statement of faith for the moment.

“Here, Father in Heaven. I sing with my whole, heart to You, In Jesus name.” I don’t want the audience to hear, or the long leader. I am singing now from my heart. Isn’t that what God wants? Harmonize all you want, but when you heart belongs to Jesus, you sing with all your might before the Throne. God lets us come boldly into the Throne Room to sing, and worship, and then to make requests. I sing because He has set me free from Satan, self, and sin. This is another long post. I am sure it is because I am writing about the daily word for today, HARMONIZE.


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