Don’t Go By What you See.

I believe we often look at the situation with our physical eyes, and then because we see what we see, our faith isn’t there. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God that someone has spoken to you, or that you have found, by hearing it. Faith can ignite through a story of what has happened in your life. Faith comes when we talk about Christ, and what He means to us. Our history is important. We started like everyone starts. Simple trust, and faith in Christ is what starts our faith rolling.

So what do you say? God wants us to submit to His authority daily. Bow our knees as long as we are able physically, and then some. I get down on the floor to reach areas with my wet rag that I can’t reach otherwise. I have to get up with help, or with grabbing something to pull myself up.

I love to see Ed, my husband, on his knees. He doesn’t let me see him much. When I do, it makes me leap for joy inside. I believe it takes courage to kneel, and pray as long as the Holy Spirit wants. I used to become fearful of others seeing me. One day I  got down on my knees to pick up a paper that had dropped on the floor.  As I picked it up,  I got down on my knees to do this.

One person said, “Ruby, we know you’re a Christian. Get up.” I did. I had successfully knelt in the teaching rooms.

Your knees are valuable to God. Bowing in Jesus name is rewarding, because you confess the Lord, and He recognizes you by name, and to God the Father. I believe the Trinity knows those who know the Lord. God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit know us by name.

I didn’t bow again for a while, in that work place, but I did when there was spiritual, opposition. I believe God sees when there is discord. Rebuke the devil, and he has to flee. Discord doesn’t belong in your home, work place, or church, but it often shows up. I believe we rebuke the devil, and he has to go. The opposition is there for several, reasons.

Maybe it is there to make you take the authority you have in Christ. It might be there, because God is teaching you spiritual, warfare. God opened many people’s eyes in the Old Testament. Remember the servant who didn’t understand, and the man of God asked that his servant would have his eyes open? With this prayer to God, the servant saw what the man of God saw. The army of the Lord was surrounding them in protection. Chariots of fire were surrounding, and protecting them.

God is the same as He was in the beginning. We must put on our shoes of the preparation of the Gospel of truth. Take the Word of God, and speak it out when it is time. Faith takes a stand , speaking the Word, and cutting with the Words of our mouth. We see clearly when we walk with Jesus, surrender to the Holy Spirit, and Love God with all our hearts. If you are resistant, repent. God comes close when we humble ourselves before Him, seek His face, and love people with His love. Speak the truth without budging. Say it with the love of God, because a harsh word is what we have all experienced. Forgive the person, and pray for them that they will come to Christ even further. Smile.


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