Angels, Angels, Angels.

They are all around as you walk with the Lord your God. I believe the angels encamp about those who know Him. The Lord answers when we call on Him from a pure heart. We call on the Lord for deliverance. He answers many times, and do we say, “Thank you, Father?”

Angels, angels, angels all around. You become more aware of the presence of the LORD, and of course the angels are there to work on your behalf. Humility comes first. Our pride leaves, with our arrogance, as we submit to God, and to the future He has for us. We repent of our arrogance, pride, and words that haven’t been His words.

I believe in the goodness of the Lord. Our trials are for a moment. God is there in every trial we go through, Christians. Speak the name of Jesus under your breath. Even the animals submit in the name of Jesus. The skittish kitten changes. She is no longer shy, because you prayed for her, and rebuked that spirit of fear off her in Jesus name.

God says that the angels of the Lord surround those who are His children. Trust in the name of the Lord your God. Trust Him, and stop doubting. He has plans for you, and they are good plans. The enemy often tries to interfere, but stand in the name of the Lord your God.

I encourage you to stand for Jesus in the hard times, and in the joyful, times. His love will envelope you. May you stand having done everything to stand in the Lord. He is mighty. He is the same as He was yesterday. His shield of faith will be effective. Hold it up. It covers you as you are wearing the armor of the Lord, Christians. Don’t doubt. Speak the Word of God to yourself, and then to others. The name of the Lord is a strong tower, and those who run into Him are saved. He loves you, much.


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