Writing is Daily for Me.

I love Word Press.com and I love writing on this wonderful place. I have all the things I need to write much, or little. I love to press Reader and to find what others have written. I expand my learning when I listen to what they have written. I mean listen, because as I read I hear the words.

I admit that long, long writing is harder to handle. I write much at times. I have been advised to write less, so I have tried this. I try to keep my posts to two paragraphs. I delete at times, because I don’t like to be verbose. I believe people will read more of all the posts that have been daily written, if I don’t take too, much time. So I write series. If I am not through with the subject, I will write another post about the subject and number the series.

Writing is so daily. I observe life. Then I write about what I have observed, or I will think of a topic and keep writing. I believe the subject comes to mind for a reason. I write, and then I look on Reader. This is the writing that has attracted attention. It is the best of the best, I suppose.

Mother had us write in our diaries when we were little. I am saying that she gave me the love to write things down. At first many of the pages were blank. Then I learned to write daily.  Now I find a book with lined empty pages. I write daily in this book. The last one I purchased has gone a long way, and then some. I write down Ed’s sermons and my study notes in the same book. It will last longer, and I write in short hand when I need to with His lessons. He is a gifted speaker. I never am bored.


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