We Have Had Several Quiet, Days.

I toss and turn to find a way to save my neck. I haven’t had to take aspirin for my neck, but with the lack of it, I am careful around the house. I do believe the crick is gradually going away. I exercise in the direction of the pain. This seems to work, and I don’t do much of it.

I am still younger and older, but I feel this year has been different. I reached 70 this year. The changes are slow, and gradual, but I do see them. I notice pains, but I try to ignore them. We are as young as we feel. At times I feel much older. Other days I have more energy. I believe exercise helps, and I am trying to get back into the grove of exercise daily. I stay home, and I have tapes to exercise to when I get a chance. Otherwise, I go to the weight machine. It is for my family, but I slip on to firm up. I don’t want to look muscular, but I see that this machine does wonders if the time on it is consistent. Really.


4 thoughts on “We Have Had Several Quiet, Days.

  1. Glad your neck is better. I saw the chiropractor today and got my neck adjusted. It was out only a little, but I didn’t want it to get worse. I was slightly dizzy 3 times yesterday. Time to go to the doctor! Now I am fine and won’t have any problems for a long time. No pain. No dizzy. And Medicare paid for it!
    I cannot understand why you insist on being dizzy and hurting, when you can fix it this easily and get on with your life!


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