The Effect of Discipline.

When you have walked in discipline of going to work, one day you bring this into your retirement days. The effectual, fervent, prayer of a righteous person avails much. I believe even in retirement, there are days that need the discipline of a schedule, or a list or what needs to be accomplished.

We don’t have an alarm on every night. I waken early, and wake Ed when it is time to get up. This is usual, unless he can’t sleep. There are times when sleeplessness means to pray. You pray until you are finished, and this makes you go to sleep. God doesn’t think you need to sleep, as much as you have. He wakens me, and I pray. He wakens Ed early, and he gets up, and studies.

You see the effectual, fervent, prayers of a righteous, person are valuable. Praying without ceasing is at times impossible, because of who you are with. They want to talk, and they see when your eyes wonder.You are thinking about God. You are rememering how you got up early. You know He will move on your behalf, because you trust Him fully.

Righteous people have been bought with the blood of Jesus. God sees the blood. We all must make sure we have confessed our sins. All of us are sinners.

No good thing will God withhold from those who walk uprightly. Therefore it is not up to us to cleanse ourselves. We go to God, and confess what we need to, and humble ourselves. Humility is having a soft, heart toward God. All the resentment, and un-forgiveness is gone.

Cast your burden on the Lord, and walk with Him. Resistance stops when you surrender to Him completely. This is the effct of discipline.


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