Seeing Clearly.

Some of us have to wear bifocals because our eyes need them. My left eye is perfect, and has been for several years. It is my right eye that is terrible near-sighted. I clean my glasses, and put them on immediately when I get up. It is a habit, but I want to see clearly.

When I first wore glasses, the world looked new to me. I had poor vision, and didn’t know it. The rest of us went to the eye doctor when Mother found that her eyes were bad. Sure enough, we had to wear glasses.. My headaches were from having nearsighted, eyes, and not knowing. The whole world was fuzzy to my eyes until I had my first pair of glasses. Suddenly I could see clearly.

So how did my left eye become 20/20? I have no clue. One day I went to the doctor, and she told me the left eye was perfect. I haven’t been back, but the time is coming that I will have to be examined for glasses. My glasses have lasted, but I will have to have new, frames this time. Glasses are expensive, but I believe they have been responsible for helping me to see clearly.

Spiritual eyes are not like the physical sight. When you see spiritually, it is because God has revealed Himself to you.

I believe it is by grace that people find Christ, and receive the spiritual insight they have. We walk by faith, not by sight.

I see clearly at times, because God shows me what is happening in the realm of the Holy Spirit. This is called wisdom. I pray for people, and when I finish it is because God has given me peace, and wisdom. Other times the church prays for people, and we go home. God has me pray on about them. It is wisdom that changes with the day. I believe God wants us to talk with Him, and allow Him to speak to us through the Word. I have hidden His Word in my heart. I walk humbly before Him. I am closer to seeing Him, and one, day I will.


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