I am Managing With Less to Eat.

I have cut two things out of my diet for a period of time. I am cutting out bread, and sweets for 21 days to see if there will be a change. I can have Stevia, or one of its forms. I want to see if I can drop some of this weight I have gained over the years. I couldn’t tell that there has been any change in weight yet. This is my fourth day. I will continue until I come to the day I stop. Then I’ll decide whether to go on with this diet. It is like a diet. I have cooperation from my family. Ed and, Isaac still eat what they want. Discipline comes to play here, because I love sweets. They don’t really love me. My mind gets foggy, and I want to clear it. I have an old addiction to sweets.

I am also still exercising. I stay on to the count of 50 x, and today it will be to the count of 75. I want to firm up .I don’t exercise the left arm much. I have a pacemaker, and it is a newer one. I don’t plan to faint, and have to have a wire changed out.

It is wonderful to grow older, and I don’t plan to change too,  rapidly. We eat three, meals a day, and I don’t eat the ice cream like I did. Even frozen, yogurt is out. I have noticed a difference but I believe losing weight will take time, and some effort.

This is where the weight machine comes in handy. I bought it for my husband, and son, but I am the one who climbs on it, and exercises. I tell a difference within a few, days. It is old, but it still works. Why not use it as a help to lose, and firm up. Someone put three, weights on it, and I haven’t taken those off. I count as I bring the machine to me. I believe it will help.


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