Good Morning!

Today is a resting day. I will do some house work, but mainly, my goal is to rest. We are to find rest one day out of 7. Well, I am resting. My neck has been out-of-order. I couldn’t turn it to the left. So I have been working on this. Part of the working out of this is to stop doing so many washes and drying clothes. I believe my neck has the crick because of bending to get the clothes out of the dryer. There may have to be an easier way to laundry clothes.

I could let my son handle the washes, and drying the clothes. He can, and has before. In the bending of my neck to get the clothes out, I may have hurt it. I don’t sleep on the same pillow. I have given my new one to Ed. I may have hurt my neck on this new pillow. I hope not. It was expensive, because I thought this would be the last pillow I would have to buy. You know how pillows are. They lose their fluff after a while. I bought a good one, and soon my neck had a problem on the left side.

Today is another beautiful, and sunny, day.  Rain comes in cycles. I will be glad to have a sunny, Sunday. I have noted the amount of rain, and how it moves through the week. I believe the cycles are about 3 weeks long unless someone prays that it won’t rain. I have done all kinds of praying about the weather. I have stopped, because I am older, and a little wiser.


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