A Life Full of Discipline.

I have a school teacher background. I taught for over twenty, years in city schools. I learned the discipline of study, so I would be prepared for the new, day with my children. They were given to me with the trust that I could raise their scores, and I worked hard to manage the class. Some children were harder than others to reach. Others settled into the plan of study, work hard, and we might not have homework.

It is a discipline to get up early, study the Word, and then go to school for seven, hours, and come home to manage the house, serve a meal, and study for the next day. I found that many times my lesson plans lasted until Wednesday. Then I had to plan again, because the children had finished all that I had planned for them.

I managed to survive teaching with a disciplined walk with the Lord. I couldn’t become hap-hazard with Him. I trusted that He would help me to have wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and help in conducting children through their studies. Every child isn’t going to be on the same page when you have a class of 30 Reading students. Boredom sets in quickly when children don’t have enough attention.

A quiet class was fine, but then they became too, quiet. I stirred them up by focusing on the activities we could do to learn what I taught them. I believe when a class is focused together it can be rewarding. A, still, quiet, class is wonderful, but every mind doesn’t want to be still. You must find a way to get their motivation started. Children love to help, and to please. It causes you more work when they accomplish all you have written on your plans.

I believe encouragement from the staff is helpful. I believe the pursuit of happiness is to find a school where the staff, and the children work together. We have too, much to accomplish to be defensive with each other. We are not in competition. The children need to catch up. The stillness, and the quiet comes when we have cleaned the room, straightened the chairs, and we can reflect on all we have done during the day. I believe many times I had wisdom from God in leading the class. They did improve, because their middle name became work.


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