What Will Make Us Laugh?

I love to watch shows that are really funny. What will make us laugh? Someone acting silly usually makes us laugh. Remember Red Skeleton? He was on the late show, and others shows. His clown antics were hilarious. We would laugh until we cried.

At times my sister and I will get together on the phone, or to visit for a few days. She can have me laughing in minutes. Then she will say, “Do you feel better?”

Laughter is like medicine to the soul. I believe God loves to see us laughing, and joyful. At Christmas times we sing “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” and this is a hymn. I believe the masters in hymn writing thought of the Lord, and His majesty.

The Bible says that His Presence holds joy. When we are in fellowship with Him, we come out with joy. When we sing to Him, the joy should come forth.

I believe the joy of the Lord is hard to stop. I believe heaven is full of much joy. I believe it was silent when Jesus came to die on the cross. He left. The angels came to join in adoration. I believe when you know the Lord, that having pure joy is possible.

After sinners repent, and come to Christ there is joy in Heaven over them coming to Christ. Heaven should be continuously joyful, because people come to Christ every day.

The joy of the Lord is your strength. We have no room self to have the seat in our heart. We must allow the Holy Spirit to fill us from head to toe. The result will be like 1 Corinthians says. We will be full of His Presence, and want to talk about him, and share what God has done for us today.

I looked for something for a long time. When I prayed, I found it within minutes. I thanked the Lord for helping me find what I had lost. I have lost keys many times. I pray about it, and walk around looking. Soon I find them.

Remember, nothing is impossible with God.

All things are possible to those who believe.

I believe our believing has to take a new step in faith. I believe if we prayed more, God might change us into those who see results.


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