Things that Make Heaven Rejoice.

I must say that I think about this every time someone comes to Christ and gives their heart to Him. Heaven rejoices. I believe we come to Christ because someone interceded on our behalf. Really. My grandpa was a praying kind of person, and he never said that he prayed much. I have seen him praying, and I know he knew the Lord before he married my grandmother. She died, and my grandfather married another Christian lady. All the children from my first grandmother are in heaven, or they know Him. Two children are left, and I know they know the Lord.

My parents presented Christ daily, and we read devotions every day before we could read, and after we learned. Mom would help us with the words, and we would ask what some of the words meant. I believe reading the Bible daily brought us closer to coming to Christ, but we each found Him in our time. My sister found Him, and I followed a little while later. I am sure heaven rejoiced. My mother and father were sure happy. My little sister came to Christ in her teens. I wasn’t there when this happened.

I believe heaven rejoices every time someone comes to Christ, so it is a happy place. It has to be, because people find Christ all over the world. There is no night in heaven, no darkness, no death, no lying, and no electricity. God’s light is always shining there. I believe people are entering Heaven for the first time all the time there. This is the Blessed Hope.

We trust in Christ as our personal Savior, and we live for Him all our days. We go to heaven when we die. Trust in the Lord from head to toe. Surrender to Him, and give your life to Him. I confirmed my trust in the Lord when I was 12. I surrendered fully at this time. My first surrender was at 8, but I confirmed this because by 12 I knew I would live for Him all my days. This is by grace that we take a stand for Him. Ephesians 2:8-9 are wonderful verses to confirm what you have done.


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