Praying Matters.

Christians, it is important to spend time praying over your day, and over those who you work with. We have a busy day ahead, but you can manage an hour to read, and pray and your day will be much better than it would have been without praying.

Recently I didn’t have time to pray, and read like I usually do. I wanted to read so badly, that I went into the side room, and sat there reading my Bible before time for others to arrive. The need to read is for refreshing. It is for ministry to the Lord. Surrender is important enough that you may have to delay, if you work at home, in order to pray and have the peace of Christ on you. I rise early to pray, and read. It makes such a difference that when things go wrong, Isaac will ask me if I have read the Bible today. If I say no, then he encourages me to take the time. He waits, and he cooks because the refreshing he sees in me is what he wants to see all day.

Praying matters when you have an emergency, and you don’t know what the outcome we be. When you have set the discipline of praying and reading in your life, then when you have harder times come you know how to pray to God in an effective way. You have been exercising your faith every time you stopped to read. He talked to you, and you found His presence. Now in the hard times, you Hold His Hand. By faith.





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