Wrestling in Prayer.

I am sure this is why Jesus prayed so long on the mountain. He was wrestling in prayer. In Colossians 4:12B we find the name of a person who was wrestling in prayer. His name was Epaphus. He was praying for the church to stand firm in the Lord with maturity, in His will, and full assurance. He was admonished to complete what he had started in the Lord. Finish the task.

Standing firm as the winds pound on you, and as the enemy comes to offend, and slay you. Stand firm in the knowledge that you are in Christ, and no one can take you out of His hand. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don’t go by what you think, and feel. Keep Jesus in your mind as you say to those you can’t see, “I BELONG TO JESUS.”

ASK  forgiveness when you have sinned and know you have gone down the wrong path. Humility is what draws God close to you. Pride, arrogance, and self not be heard. He resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble. Seek His face and know that He is God, and that you are coming to His throne to make requests, and then to praise and worship him. This person who wrestled was used to doing this. He had much wisdom, but he was challenged to complete what he had started.



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