One More Time.

Today is the Lord’s Day, and it has been awesome. I got up early and found Him. Deuteronomy 5 was my task.  I read slowly, and soaked in all the thoughts from the pages of my Bible. The mountain was discussed. The people were afraid of God’s voice speaking to them directly. They wanted Moses to talk with God, and then relay to them what He said. Moses had to go up the mountain. I am excited about getting into study, and dealing with the mountain in Chapter 5. Tomorrow is Chapter 6 for me.

When I married Ed, I found that he didn’t get in the pulpit without preparation. He spent hours preparing, and I sat in a 31 foot Airstream trailer in silence until he was finished. This became my training for the future.

2 Timothy 2:15 encourages me, and has in the past. I believe we have fruit to bear, and we need to be praying about people, places, and things, and reading the Word. I have learned to study. I learned that I needed to get in God’s work with both feet. I would not be a stay at home wife, when Ed was working with the church. I must go along, to encourage, pray, and support. I did, and it was another phase of surrender.



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