Now I can Cook Supper.

Isaac and I had to go to the store. We were out of most things because we have delayed our going. Two at this are better than one. We have the essentials, and I am going without sweets as hard as I can today. Tomorrow will be day two. If I have a whim, I go with it. I thought about this for a day, and decided I must lose some weight.

So what do I want to accomplish? I am a little overweight. I want to drop the excess since I am getting older. I don’t feel I should carry this through to ninety. I want to still be dancing at 90, and that is impossible if one doesn’t eat right, watch the road, and stay out of danger. Smile.

I can see the baby boomers driving everyone around, because they think they are old, and really aren’t as old as we are.


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